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Dave Russell 31/10/2022

React – In Demand

React is an open source frontend javascript library where one can build UI interfaces on UI
components. The idea was and still is to provide a seamless user experience.

It was created by Jordan Walke, who at the time of creating React was working for Facebook. In
2012 React.js was released on Facebook’s live newsfeed. The uptake in React has been
staggering to say the least, however it did have some obstacles to overcome. Patent and
licensing agreements did stall its trajectory, and Facebook did put the licensing agreement
under MIT’s standard licensing agreement. Since then it has moved on as one of the most
popular libraries to learn. According to some sources React is the second most popular library
to learn, with 42% of software developers using it.


If you are a frontend developer that has been using javascript then naturally it is easy to learn React. Some of the reasons to learn it are

● Easy creation of dynamic applications, meaning more functionality and less coding
● Reusable components
● Unidirectional data flow – making it easy to debug

● Dedicated tools for debugging
● Web applications can be made faster through a virtual DOM


If you are starting out in programming it can be challenging to learn but the solution might be to
learn javascript to create a base of knowledge first before using React as a building block. This
way your base of knowledge will allow you to overcome any difficulties in the future

What next for React?

It is extremely popular in 2022 and programmers are in demand in the industry if they have
good experience in React. Some companies have started to move away from Front end
developer roles too, and moved more specifically into React Developer roles

Lastly, Nextjs is a natural stepping stone to learn

Dave Russell

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React – In Demand

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