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Here's a little bit about us

Take a minute to get to know the team behind Rockfort Recruitment

At Rockfort Recruitment we specialise in the recruitment of technical professionals. We are passionate and dedicated to ensuring the best and brightest talent are attracted to roles in the tech space as well as the green economy.

Our team is drawn from technical backgrounds in IT, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy and Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering. We understand the skills, both technical and transferable, that are required to make a difference in industry.

We are a results driven team who have a strong awareness of the global importance of sourcing the very best technical talent for the green economy, providing solutions to the current challenges faced for sustainable growth of companies and economies.

We work with both jobseekers and employers to ensure that the recruitment solutions delivered by Rockfort Recruitment are valued and will make an appreciable impact today and into the future.

Our Tems

Dave Russell

Founder & Director

Caoimhe Doyle

Senior Consultant

Ciaran Calnan

Senior Consultant

Patrick Wilson

Senior Consultant

For Employers

Here at Rockfort Recruitment our team is comprised of technical professionals from industry including IT, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy and Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering. We have a keen understanding of the type of openings in your organisation and can accurately assess candidates suitability for roles in your company. We have successfully delivered recruitment solutions for companies of varying size, from IT Startups to Large Scale Utility Companies, in Ireland and European markets.

Depending on the size or requirements of your company we can work with hiring managers directly, or work with your Human Resources Department. Our speciality is utilising our industry knowledge and professional network to source candidates for the most bespoke roles which are difficult to fill through traditional advertising alone.

At Rockfort Recruitment, from the initial consultation with you, we listen to you and gain a thorough understanding of your candidate requirements, your company culture and your company’s goals for the future. We tailor our solutions to suit your needs and we offer our services with the utmost of discretion.

We ensure that utilising our rounded knowledge, of both your company’s expectations and our industry knowledge, we deliver quality candidates for each of your roles. We pride ourselves on our screening process ensuring that not only are the candidates suitable technically but that they are compatible with your company culture, ensuring increased levels of retention within your company into the future.

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Take a look at some of the employers we have worked with

Interview with

Rockfort Meets Poppulo

Behind the scenes with Poppulo

Interview with

Danielle Hegarty

Organisational Development and Training Lead

Interview with

Stephanie Sheehan

Director of Engineering

Interview with

Jason Ryan

Senior Director of Engineering

For Candidates

At Rockfort Recruitment we are dedicated to ensuring that you are given the best opportunity to use your talent and experience to make a difference for future generations, while progressing your career, in industries using the latest technology, who are open to new ideas and providing a challenging and rewarding work environment.

We know that there are many motivating factors that initiate the decision to move job, career or industry. We will help you to achieve the work environment and culture you desire including a clear career progression path, remote, hybrid and onsite roles, flexibility, and reward packages.

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds including IT, Manufacturing Industry, Renewable Energy and Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering. We love to listen to your career goals and can offer advice on career pivots, suitability for the next step on the career ladder and how best to market your transferable skills. We have a keen understanding of the type of roles that you are seeking and can accurately assess your suitability as a candidate for openings.

We have ongoing relationships with hiring companies and often have much greater insights into the role, the culture and the future direction of the company than can be achieved through searching job ads on your own. We ensure that both your expectations as a potential candidate and the hiring company’s expectations are aligned before we enter you into any process ensuring that your energy is only used on a suitable application. We never share your CV without your consent.

We help you to prepare for every round of interview, ensuring that you have the best possible opportunity to be successful in your application. We will listen to you and help you to frame your past experience in the best possible light, ensuring that you are prepared, confident and recognise your strengths when approaching each interview. We provide feedback to you after each interview.

When you are successful, we take the stress out of negotiating with a prospective new employer and we represent you in pre-contract negotiations (discussions). We ensure that you get all the information you require between contract signing and your start date and that you are ready for on-boarding in your new role.

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Here are some of the candidates we have successfully placed

Interview with

Conor Fitzgerald

Senior QA Engineer

Interview with

Aisling Walsh

SharePoint Integrations Engineer

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